materialist philosophy
theory-practice spiral is the best (only reliable) way to test theories

There is often a physical separation of academic theoreticians on university campuses from teacher practitioners (5 lines in a school). Although it is acknowledged that this doesn't work very well we have been slow in implementing better systems. These concerns are reflected in broader society, eg. should nurses be trained in hospitals or at University?

Having institutionally separated theory from practice how do we put it back together again?

ascending from the abstract to the concrete

theory enriches practice enriches theory
traces the evolution of a conference paper:
"I think the theory is now closer to the actual practice of the course, that it is a transformation from theoretical theory (fairly general abstractions which can be used in a fumbling or patchy way to formulate the rough outlines of a course) to practical theory, which are still abstractions but which are much more closely and meaningfully connected to the course content"

feedback as truth telling
different types of feedback explored ("niceness", tweaking the system, truth telling)